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UPDATE:  March 18, 2013

MeiMei has been matched to a family!

Thank you to everyone who took an interest in MeiMei and shared her story. Last month, she had surgery to help improve her mobility. She now wears leg braces and is receiving physical therapy -- and her smile is even brighter!

We are currently advocating for a little girl (212-59SF) whose mobility is hindered as a result of extensive scarring from severe burns which did not receive appropriate medical attention.

Just a few weeks after she arrived at the orphanage in the summer of 2012, a group of 21 adopted Chinese-American teenagers arrived in China for volunteer trip...at the same orphanage. Despite the little girl's extensive injuries, the young volunteers were immediately smitten with her and gave her the nickname "MeiMei" which means "little sister."

The teens describe MeiMei as a "spunky, bright, and happy toddler" who charms everyone she meets. Although she has limited use of her hands and legs, she has managed to find her own ways to do the same things that many 2-year-olds do, especially play and laugh. Mei Mei's resilient nature touched the hearts of the teens and they have vowed to help find her a family who will nurture that indelible spirit.

The 21 adopted teens are fundraising to help MeiMei and her future adoptive family with medical expenses, adoption fees, travel expenses, and any other expenses associated with her care. Red Thread Charities has set up a special fund, earmarked specifically for MeiMei. As she waits for an adoptive family, the fundraising will help the orphanage with medical equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy for MeiMei. Follow the group's efforts on Facebook.


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