"Help Wanted" A Want Ad for Future Parents

Sue Orban, CHSFS Staff

Children throughout the world need parents. Maybe yours is the right family for a child who is currently waiting. Here's a "want ad" to help you decide if you are up to the task.

Job Title: 

Persistence, flexibility, and a sense of humor 

Families want to adopt, so why does it seem to be taking so long?

With countries opening, closing or slowing down, it is hard to keep track of it all! While traditional adoption programs may be moving slowly, as in China, many families are adopting through the Waiting International Children program within a year.

Because the landscape of adoption seems to change frequently, it is more important than ever to carefully select your adoption agency. You may want to ask whether the agency has plans for any new programs. Find an agency that is committed to placing waiting children and is able to communicate the risks and requirements of international adoption with families.

We want families to think carefully about children they might be capable of parenting. Do you have experience with hearing loss? Heart conditions? Cleft lip/palate? Would a school age child be possible for your family? Could you love a little boy? Often boys wait longer for families. Sibling groups of all sizes wait for parents to give them love, structure and stability. Maybe your family is the right family! 

Here are some examples of children who are waiting right now for a family.

  • A seven-year-old boy who loves school and baseball. He has a great memory, likes to listen to music, and really wants a puppy. He has a vision impairment.
  • A three-year-old boy who is playful and actually likes broccoli!  He loves everything with wheels and you often find him riding in his toy car or kicking a ball. He is developmentally on target, but his birth mother drank alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Sisters who are very attached to each other and are hoping a family will adopt them. They are ten and six years old. The older is a great student and has a tender heart, particularly for her little sister. The younger is a social butterfly and likes to draw pictures. They have no known medical needs, but they really need a family!

Sense of humor:
The comedian Henny Youngman once said, “What is a home without children? Quiet.”

If you are persistent, flexible, have a sense of humor and can deal with a less-than-quiet home, there are children who need you now!

To learn more go email me sorban@chsfs.org.

Sue Orban, mother of four, has a very noisy home.  To get some peace and quiet she works at Children’s Home Society & Family Services based in St. Paul, MN.  Children’s Home Society & Family Services is a licensed, Hague accredited, child-placing agency with a long history of placing older children and children with medical needs.

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