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2014 Annual Report: Your Support Makes All The Difference

Children's Home Staff

Because of you, 254 children joined permanent families last year.

Because of you, we were able to serve 4,348 people through our adoption programs, post-adoption services, and birthparent and pregnancy counseling.

Because of you, volunteers and interns devoted 3,189 hours to help children thrive.

Because of you – our caring friends and eager supporters, generous donors and dedicated volunteers – Children’s Home is celebrating 125 years of service. Thank you!... Read more

Meet Dajanae

Children's Home/LSS Staff

Meet Dajanae, a teen waiting for adoption in foster care.

... Read more

Meet Kieara, Kevion and Ethan

Children's Home/LSS Staff

Meet Kieara, Kevion and Ethan, siblings waiting for adoption in foster care.


Kieara, 14, describes herself as kind, sweet, outgoing, with a beautiful smile.   Her favorite activities are fixing bikes, shopping, talking on the phone, reading, and making jewelry.  Kieara would love to be a model someday and would also like to participate in pageants.  She is all girl with an upbeat and very outgoing personality!  If you love to talk, Kieara is your girl!... Read more

More Love to Share: Foster Care Adoption

Children's Home & LSS Staff

When Jen and her husband, Nate, looked around their five bedroom house, they saw opportunity. “We started to talk about adoption when we saw Thursday’s Child on KSTP,” a broadcast that highlights a child waiting in foster care for adoption. “We were not blessed with biological children, but we knew we wanted to grow our family so we began to look at the MN ADOPT site,” Jen explained.... Read more

From Bachelor to Father of Three

Kevin, Adoptive Father

Going from a single man to a father of three, what was I thinking?!

I adopted three wonderful children from Brazil in 2007. At that time my oldest son was ten, my middle son was nine, and my daughter was four.  Brazil encourages keeping siblings together, so rather than learning about one child waiting for a family, I found three all at once. ... Read more

The Child I Didn't Adopt

Liz, Blogger at "A Mothership Down"

It was something about the phrasing that got to me. Something about the cadence of his words, the staccato of his speech.

“Nobody loves me. Not even my mother who gave birth to me.”

It is an odd turn of phrase, isn’t it?

Not even my mother who gave birth to me.... Read more

Meet Ja'Mya

Children's Home/LSS Staff

Meet Ja'Mya, a young girl waiting for adoption in foster care.


12-year-old Ja'Mya has a sweet, energetic, and emphatic nature. She loves to paint her nails and could eat gummy peach rings all day! She likes sweet treats and spicy foods, but she is not a fan of chocolate. In her free time, Ja'Mya enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and watching movies. She also loves singing and has been teaching herself how to play the piano.... Read more

Being Counted

Jillian Lauren, Author and Adoptive Mother through Children's Home

In October of 2008, Scott was on tour in Seattle and I was sitting at my dining room table working on my first memoir, when the number of our adoption agency flashed on my phone. We had been waiting a solid year since we finished the last of our paperwork. I picked up with a shaking hand. The voice on the other end said, “We have a beautiful ten-month-old boy for you….”... Read more

La Serenata

Jean Larson, Latin America Country Coordinator

When I lived in Colombia for a year, I turned 15. This is the big birthday for a girl in Latino culture - the quinceañera. In Colombia there is a tradition called la serenata. For the quinceañera, a group of friends gather after dark with guitars and tiples - the magical-sounding, small, Colombian, 12-string guitar. Once the birthday girl is known to have retired to her bed for the night, the friends gather beneath her window and begin to sing:... Read more

Meet Jaheim: New Interview with Twin Cities Live

Children's Home/LSS Staff

Meet Jaheim, a teen waiting for adoption in foster care.


13-year-old Jaheim describes himself as “fun, athletic, and nice.” Jaheim enjoys playing basketball, football, running track, playing with dogs, and playing video games/playing on his iPhone. Jaheim is in junior high and his favorite subjects are math and gym. Jaheim has dreams of being in the NBA when he grows up.

Jaheim states that he would prefer to be parented by a mom and a dad. He is open to having siblings and would love to have a dog.... Read more

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