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Beautiful Inside and Out: Adopting a Child with Nevi

Kim, Adoptive Mother through Children's Home

“Read the file before looking at the pictures,” I urged my husband as I shared a referral with him.  This is common advice in adoption: don’t fall in love with an adorable face before you know the child’s background and needs.  This situation, however, was different.  I feared that the pictures showing the extent of her birthmarks would lead my husband to believe that she was not the right child for us.  On paper, Wu Tongen was a perfect match for us: A girl nearly four years old, two years younger than our youngest son.  She had be... Read more

Infographic | Top 7 Outreach Tips for Infant Adoption

Children's Home/LSS Staff

Outreach is a necessary part of the infant adoption process for waiting families. But it can be hard to know where to start, or what to focus on. Below are the top seven outreach tips recommended by the social workers in our Domestic Infant program. If you'd like to learn more about our open adoption program, please visit this page

Click on the image below to open larger version with zooming capability.... Read more

Intentional Parenting: Changing Hurdles Into Healing

Children's Home & LSS Staff

Parenting adopted and foster children needs to come from a different direction than parenting biological children. This workshop will teach parents how to become more intentional.  Using an innovative new formula which combines removing hurdles, acquiring a new clarity, tons of "in the moment" tools and techniques that really work, and a plan to nurture hope for the long, arduous journey of building and maintaining your child’s all important safety net will assure that you will be ready to put your healing plan in place immediately! ... Read more

Breastfreeding Without Birthing Class in Minnesota

Children's Home & LSS Staff

A Breastfeeding Without Birthing class is coming to Roseville, Minnesota in March. This class is based on the book, Breastfeeding Without Birthing written by Alyssa Schnell IBCLC. This is the most comprehensive resource that is available about inducing lactation (or in some cases, relactation) for mothers who are hoping to nurse their babies through adoption, surrogacy, non-gestational lesbian mothers, mothers who have birthed previously but are not currently breastfeeding and, in some cases, foster mothers.... Read more

Finding Companionship and a Role Model in the M & M Program

Susie, adoptee and former mentee in the M & M Program

January is National Mentoring Month! Today we'd like to bring your attention to the mentoring program organized by Children's Home and LSS.... Read more

The Whitest Black Person I Know

Angela Tucker, Adoptee, Blogger, Speaker

I recently led an audience consisting primarily of Caucasian folks through an exercise where we identified common racial micro-aggressions. We discussed what behaviors, language cues, social skills, hobbies, etc. constitute receiving the label of an ethnicity as an adjective.  Upon finishing the session I was greeted by an attendee who gushed; “I just love how you break down tough, controversial current topics on race relations. I was really challenged by your words, and was surprised by how comfortable I felt around you. You are like the Whitest Black person I know!”... Read more

Carleton College Korean Adoptee Mentorship Program

Children's Home & LSS Staff

January is National Mentoring Month! As such, we would like to bring your attention to a variety of mentorship opportunities for adoptees.... Read more

The Uncertainty of Parenthood: Adopting a Child with ADHD

Helen Fields, Adoptive Mother

*Links in this blog were selected by the author because she found them helpful during her process and parenting. They do not represent endorsement from the agency.... Read more

How Can the Adoption Tax Credit Help Me?

Becky Wilmoth, EA, RTRP and Adoption Tax Credit Specialist at Bills Tax Service


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Attend a free, live webinar with Becky Wilmoth to learn everything you need to know about the Adoption Tax Credit.

Wednesday, February 18th
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 ... Read more

Overlooked… Could Yours be the Family that Sees Them?

Laura Chapeau, Children's Home/LSS Social Worker

While in China, I was able to meet several children who have been waiting for adoptive families for years. Some of the children have a “scary” diagnosis, others are children who are “older” and many are boys.  All these are characteristics that could keep them from finding a family that would welcome them, be committed to them, and love them, throughout the rest of their childhood and lives.... Read more

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