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Anna Braasch, Adoptive mother

Mom, can you drive me to school?
Sorry, I’m really busy today.

Mom, can you get me the scissors?
Why can’t you get them? You know where they are.

Mom, can you help me clean my room?
You know that’s your responsibility. I know you can do it.

Mom, can you lay with me in bed until I fall asleep?
Oh, honey, I’d love to but I really need to get the kitchen cleaned.
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A Boy Who Waits in Latin America: Meet J

Children's Home & LSS Staff

"J" is a one-year-old boy who is described as happy and calm. He enjoys playing in the mirror and smiles when he sees himself or adults in the reflection. He will respond to people when they talk to him or say his name, and makes sounds and pronounces syllables such as "ma-ma" and "pa-pa." He knows when his foster mother is going to feed him and is a good eater.

J has some needs but through the tender, loving care of his foster mother and physical therapy sessions, he has been able to gain more strength.... Read more

When Two Families Become One: An Open Adoption Story

Mali Anderson, Adoptive mother through LSS

In 2012, we applied to the Domestic Infant Adoption program at LSS of Minnesota. When we made the decision to add to our family through adoption, the decision came loaded with a lot of worry.  Worry if it would really happen, worry if we could love another child as much as our first born, Chase.  Worry about having an open relationship with birth parents and feeling like we would never have private family time anymore.  As milestones in our adoption process passed, the worry remained. That is, until it didn’t.

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Sisters Who Wait: Meet S & A

Children's Home & LSS Staff

Take a moment to get to know these bubbly sisters born in 2007 and 2006. “A” the older sister is known as a sharp and talented girl. She is friendly with other children, attends a local public school and enjoys singing, dancing and drawing. She can speak in full sentences and has good handwriting.

“S” born in 2007 is known as active and playful. She likes to sing, dance and color. She attends school, is friendly towards others and can speak in full sentences.

Both sisters have no known medical needs.

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I See You

Jillian Lauren, Author and Adoptive Mother through Children's Home

I had a number of meaningful conversations during the Jewish New Year festivities, but my favorite was at a break-the-fast gathering, where I met a lovely woman who had spent the last year working with traumatized female veterans. Trauma - one of my favorite subjects to learn about! Of course I cornered her and asked her all about what she knew. One story in particular stuck with me. She told me about a woman everyone else had given up on, with whom she just sat in silence.... Read more

Meet Rishi

Children's Home/LSS Staff

Watch a new video interview with Rishi, a teen waiting in foster care.


Rishi, 16, is a smart, funny and loving young man. He really enjoys sports. Playing baseball is his favorite activity, though he doesn't care for watching it. He loves the color blue. He also likes to indulge in his favorite foods: shrimp alfredo, watermelon and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Rishi states, "I love video games but I am not obsessed with them." ... Read more

Sibling Group of Four Who Waits

Children's Home & LSS Staff

$10,000 child-specific grant available to their adoptive family.


A group of three sisters with one little brother wait to be adopted. All of whom express a deep desire for a forever family.... Read more

Becoming A Family

Marge, Adoptive Mother

Not long ago I came across a piece of artwork in a home store inscribed with the saying, “Life takes you to unexpected places, Love brings you home.” I don’t know who to credit this quote with, however it perfectly describes the journey that brought my children and I together as a family.... Read more

An Older Boy Who Waits: Meet L

Children's Home & LSS Staff

This polite, patient, and active boy just turned twelve! L has a fun-loving personality, and he enjoys outdoor activities. Those who know him the best say he has many friends, is very social, and loves to get along with everyone!

L's development is very strong and appropriate for his age. This boy can walk and communicate very well. He attends school, enjoys studying, and is very smart. Along with these, he has great self-care skills--such as healthy sleeping and eating habits.... Read more

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Bringing Home an Adoptive Child with Medical or Special Needs

Paige Hays, Adoptive Mother and Occupational Therapist

Life with a child with medical or special needs takes extra time, energy, and knowledge.  There is a steep learning curve in dealing with the medical, educational, and health insurance systems.  It takes planning and coordination to meet your child’s needs and advocate for him or her in these complex systems.  My experience as a parent of an adopted child with special needs, and as a professional who works with children with special needs, has given me some insights into this planning and coordination.... Read more

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