Children's Home Supports AeRanWon

Kristina Berg, International Child Welfare Manager

Earlier this month, AeRanWon presented Maureen Warren, President & CEO of Children’s Home, with a plaque of appreciation in recognition of the significant support their organization has received through International Child Welfare at Children's Home.

Originally established over 50 years ago, AeRanWon is a leader in offering support and education to vulnerable, unmarried pregnant women during pregnancy and beyond.  Whether a young woman chooses to parent or to make an adoption plan for her child, AeRanWon offers services to help her thrive and be a self-reliant member of society.

AeRanWon’s philosophy is to provide services that address all aspects of life including:

  • pre- and post-pregnancy counseling
  • education and job training
  • housing and financial assistance
  • community and belonging

Children's Home is a proud supporter of the work that AeRanWon does on behalf of children and birthmothers.

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