Because every child needs a family, and every child deserves a chance to thrive.


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Help us fill the stocking and change a child's life!

Your gift to Children’s Home during our Little Red Stocking campaign helps unite children with loving, nurturing families through adoption. It ensures that people touched by adoption receive ongoing post-adoption support throughout their lives. Thanks to your generosity, the Little Red Stocking campaign has been helping children in our community since 1909.  



How Your Gift Helps Children Thrive

Your contribution to the Little Red Stocking campaign has a life-changing impact on children and families.  Here are a few examples of how your gift helps Children's Home address the greatest needs:


helps a child join a family and provides lifelong post-adoption support to adoptees and their families.



ensures a parent who calls our Post-Adoption Helpline receives the guidance they need to help their child through a difficult time.



trains a volunteer to be a mentor for an adopted child.



sends a child to Adoption Day Camp where they will make friends who understand exactly what it’s like to be adopted.



facilitates an adopted person’s search for urgent medical background information.



connects a teen with a family that will provide a safe and permanent home before they age out of foster care.



provides an adoption grant that helps an older child, a sibling group or a child with a special need join a nurturing family.


Your gift in any amount makes a difference! 

Donate to the Little Red Stocking campaign




More ways for you to join the Little Red Stocking Campaign

Kids Give $2 Challenge


Show us your Stocking Selfie

Little Red Stocking campaign 1951

The Little Red Stocking campaign began in 1909, when Children’s Home sent red paper stockings to children, asking them to collect coins to help orphans and “put in two cents for each year they are old.” 

In 2014 we encourage kids to get involved by raising $2 for each year of age—and ask grown-ups to match their donation to amplify the impact of their Little Red Stocking gift.

Every dollar you give helps a child who needs a family!


Click the link below to download a Little Red Stocking coloring page. Decorate it any way you like and take a “Stocking Selfie”picture of yourself with the stocking.

Post your pictures on our Facebook page with a note sharing why you support Children’s Home and the Little Red Stocking campaign. Find us at

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Family portrait photography generously provided by Francie Vitali Duea at Lov4Pictures Photography  | Rebecca Kiekhafer at Photography by RLK